non-exhaustive biased list of cool websites in no particular order

crack made by a friend :3

cool ass blog and more

cool ass windows freeware

safe windows piracy (based indeed!)

comprehensive piracy resources

essay/guide i wrote to deal with people who want to "debloat" windows

online translator that doesnt suck

second opinion on suspicious files

web text editor and forensics tools

pastebin but less garbage

free online temporary file storage

free online document collaboration

free online url shortener

actually useful zip bomb

web browser benchmark

awesome test pages for calibrating your lcd

see real and detailed internet coverage on a map in the usa

high bandwidth internet speed test

benchmark a website's for speed, accessibility, and more

global internet analytics

check your network for censorship

no comment

high quality command line reference

copy paste dump for various unicode thingies

how to switch to cloudflare's dns resolvers

check if cloudflare dns and encryption is functioning

in-browser 2d optics simulation

in-browser 2d and 3d fractal rendering

open source in-browser simple chiptune daw

if you ever find yourself in need of a pen, you know where to go

cool ass web projects

download insanely high quality space images from the james webb telescope

cool ass dude's cool ass website

trancends description.

list of public web software defined radios

high quality soundscapes and noise machines

in-browser x86 virtual machine... how...

the original space cadet pinball in webassembly

noclip around the map files from various video games


fun little isometric racing game

recreation of wipeout for the psx in webassembly

webassembly quake-style fps game

curious web games and experiences